[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

Friday, May 23, 2014


All of my followers on Instagram
know how much Parker and eye
 vintage shop to fill our wardrobes 
with unique items and accessories.

Parker mentioned that eye 
needed some harem pants
4 my wardrobe and eye have been on 
the hunt ever since.
Eye finally found this lovely jumper.

It's a white 1980's Harem Jumper 
eye picked up from the Goodwill 
4 only $5.49.

Back in the day they were also referred to as 
"Balloon" pants.  
[ pic of my 4c burgundy curls ]

Harem pants are usually made 
of soft fabrics,
have full legs and gather at the ankle.  
The modern version of harem pants 
was popularized
in the 80's by MC Hammer and became know as
"Hammer Pants".  

Everyone wore them and if you were heavy into the club scene 
 back in the day, 
you wore your Hammer Pants!

Eye styled my Harem Jumper 
with one of my favorite
neck pieces by Tomoko Igarashi 
that eye have had for years.

Eye wore this look
to the Dallas launch party 4
One Ajile Foundation
on May 17th.
The launch and my jumper 
were huge hits.
Click the above link to find out how you
can help our youths...they are our future.