[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


On March 9, 2014 eye celebrated a milestone birthday and as eye reflect back over my life, here are 4 things eye know.

1.  Time waits 4 no one.  Eye tell all young people to dream big and go 4 it.  If eye knew then what eye know now, my life would be so different.

2.  The things my mom told me that eye didn't listen to were ALL TRUE!  Eye wish eye would have listened to mom more.  She will be 90 this year and is such a awesome inspiration to me.  Young people can really learn a lot from their parents and elders, just listen.  They have been where you are and they know more than you think.

3.  Things happen, good and bad, that's life. Eye finally learned to be honest and live my truth.  Eye'm no longer afraid of what others think.  When eye create it is always from my "good place" even when it is not received that way.  When eye can't do something, eye say no and not beat myself up about it.

4.  EYE AM HAPPY BEING ME.  It took all these years to love the skin eye'm in.  Eye had a unforgettable birthday as eye was showered with love and knowledge from my close friends and family.  


[ written and posted 1st The Loft 756 Blog ]

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