[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2012 Calendar In Progress...

2012 Calendar
(sneak peek)

Eye am trying 2 complete my calendar
so that eye can offer it @ the 
Cowtown Indie Bazaar in October.

Happy New Year
Blank Card
Wishes of  "Happy New Year" 
surrounded by bottles of  champagne!
Now that's how eye want to ring in 2012.
How about you?
{in my shop later today}


  1. I want one of those calendars. Nice!

  2. Wow, that was pretty cool. I've seen a lot of calendar new year cards and I think that's the trend for new year wishes nowadays and I think i love it!
    xoxox Marilyn @

  3. Hey, you're pretty good at making these crafts. I like the color tone of your calendar, the monotone makes it more elegant and crafty. And how i love to grab one of those blank cards for my new year messages to write on. Cheers!

    Sandra Cooper xxxx