[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dallas Chic Fest 2011

Dallas Chic Fest 2011
An Event of Naturally-Set Apart

Thanks again to Kachelle & Kalisha 4 such a lovely day.
Check out some of the pics eye was able 2 take:

c. 2009-2011

The above pic is of Tamenika & Kachelle's table of
hair care products & scarfs.  I've been using 
"Lovely" Deep Conditioning Mask mixed w/my shea butter
and my 4a hair looks fabulous!  

Everyone had a great time yesterday 
and the weather was fabulous.
The event started out w/brunch and slammin music
by DJ Frances Jaye of the Neo Soul Cafe.
She set the tone 4 the event 
with her music choices & smooth voice. 

We were treated 2 a fashion show by V31.
All the models and clothes were great and the crowd
loved it.

My booth was right next 2 Chastity Garner, author
"The Curvy Girl's Guide To Style"
c. 2009-2011
It was great meeting Chastity and this girl knows
what she speaks.
Check out her blog & you can pick up your copy of her book