[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dallas Chic Fest Vendor Photo Shoot...

On this past Saturday, I had a vendor photo shoot 4 the 2011 Dallas Chic Fest.
Those who know me know I'm shy about photo's.
Kachelle let me have some creative control with my shoot.
The photographer, Denise Toombs, had a great idea & knew exactly how I 
wanted to be photographed. I can't wait to see finished pics.

 I finished my pieces for the 9x12 On Paper Show last night & got it postmarked today...
deadline day.  I'm gonna try & get ahead of my next deadline stuff I swear!

In Etsy news, available today are my 2010 Holiday Box Sets.
The boxed cards consist of 10 blank  Christmas eye chart cards to a set. 
Check them out here!

I will be working on a birth announcement card tonight that I conceived in
a dream a few weeks ago.  I just need to sketch it out and mess w/it a bit.
Also, I hope to start sketching again every night before bed now that I
 have some free time again. 
Several of my unfinished sketches are screaming to be completed...

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