[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

[ ...sometimes EYE don't ]

Sunday, August 22, 2010

You Have My Keys Sister...

I was sleeping so good this morning when I missed the 1st call from my sister Yolanda @ 7:51a.m. She called right back @ 7:52 and I answered..."hello".

Yolanda:  "I think my keys are in your purse".

Me: "Let me go look.  No, your keys are not in my purse".

Yolanda: "They must be in your car".

Me:  "Let me go look.  BINGO...they are in my car".

Yolanda: "Sorry sis', I'll buy you breakfast & gas".

Me:  "I'm on my way"!

So, I get ready 4 the day and head to my sister's boyfriends house where she is held captive with no keys to her place or car.  I get there and we head out for breakfast.  She takes me to a place in Dallas in the White Rock Lake area called:
The Green Spot is the first of its kind Healthy Convenience store and gas station with regular unleaded gas, diesel gas blended with biodiesel and B100 biodiesel.  The Green Spot offers healthy, organic, natural food and beverages as well as some personal care products. Also come to The Green Spot for organic and fair trade coffee, a natural soda fountain, fresh produce, sandwiches, tacos for breakfast and lunch and more.  The Green Spot utilizes eco-friendly cups and utensils made from corn plastic and other compostable materials and other eco-friendly supplies. Consider it ecovenience.™
The Green Spot has B5 biodiesel available at the pump and B100 available in a 1,000 gallon tank to pump directly into a vehicle or other container.

We both had a breakfast taco w/steak, potato, egg, fresh spinach & hollandaise sauce.

We took our taco's to go and ate @ White Rock Lake...it was a beautiful morning.

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